Residential Services

Are you a Florida Resident?


Full Time or Part Time Residents we have services for you too! As a resident in the Sunshine State it is very common for our everyday homes to have very similar needs as vacation homes; such as POOL & LANDSCAPING SERVICES among other services including general maintenance and cleaning.

Affordable Pool & Lawn Care you can count on. We provide custom Pool & Landscaping services for residential properties each tailored to the needs of your home. Our team will care for your pool on a weekly basis for one low monthly rate. Just like our standard landscaping services which are also billed at a low monthly cost, please call today to schedule your appointment for a free quote (407) 614-5914.

Our team knows how important it is to keep your first home in pristine condition for you and your family. We wish to care for your home’s needs whether they be big or small. From the ceiling to the floor we are here to assist you through all those tough jobs. With the everyday pressures we receive these days from the HOA & County we have extensive experience & knowledge about how one should proceed with repairs in a manner that is acceptable with State and County ordinances.

WE OFFER FREE QUOTES ON ALL OF OUR SERVICES in the four corners area. Some of these services include:

*Pressure Washing – Driveways, Pool Decks & Screen Enclosures etc.

*Screen Replacement

*Painting Interior & Exterior

*Standard & Deep Cleaning

*Sod Replacement

*Grass Fertilizer & Weed Treatment

*Planting & Plant Removal

*Trimming of Hedges, Shrubs, Plants & Trees