About 19PM



Our team has been providing full and part management services for vacation homes in the Four Corners area for 15 years. As a franchise of IPG Professional Management, Inc. we provide the best of both worlds with one on one dedication to each Florida Dream Home while still having the support, resources and reservation bookings of a well-established large management company. As we focus on a small group of homes, we can offer each home and homeowner a very personalized and dedicated service so you know your home will never be lost in the masses.


To us it is imperative that all homeowners have peace of mind knowing that we are personally caring for their home and maintain services to a high standard by thoroughly monitoring all contractor services for every home such as cleaning, pool service, landscaping services and pest control. To homeowners and guests alike we are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency and on site 7 days a week, including holidays. For our homeowner’s convenience we also manage the bills & local tax payments and most expenses related to their home from paying the utility bills to arranging payment for the contractors and providing all of these on a regular monthly statement. Knowing the position of your account and any related expenses of your home is your right and our top priority. It is one of our most important duties to keep you informed of any developments in your home at all times. Our staff is trained and conversant on all the rules and regulations required by all Four Counties, in Central Florida, as well as the State of Florida to ensure your home is always compliant with our Florida State Statutes.


While we take care of your Florida Home, keeping it to a high standard and ready for guests, we also focus on preventive maintenance to prolong the life of each home’s appliances and furnishings as much as possible. Ensuring regular thorough cleaning and routine maintenance is done on the related furnishings, carpets, tile, linens, window treatments, and appliances. We strive to keep your Florida Vacation Home looking just as beautiful as every homeowner dreams it should be.